Know Privacy Policy

Privacy policy is statement or legal document (privacy laws disclose some or all the ways party gathers,uses disclose and manages customer or clients’ data, personal information can be anything that can be used to identify an individual, not limited to but including name,address ,date of birth,contact information and all thing of individual which are visit to the others property. I give you example : when user or visitor visits the site

Our privacy policy –

Privacy policy is very important for us and we take very seriously and transparent with your information provided by you. all information are taken by the website ( at subscription our newsletter and the form filling by the visitor or user.

Privacy Policy Coverage –

The privacy policy is the part of website and covers the information of user including personal identifiable information and non-personal identifiable information which are obtained by celebrityagewiki.

Types of information obtain by celebrityagewiki

  • Name & Email address
  • IP address
  • Phone number
  • Activity
  • Automatic obtaining information
  • IP address
  • Time and date of user’s visit
  • Content viewed
  • Device information of visitor

How do we use your Email Information –

We provide to you news of technology and our daily blog content in your provided email address inbox and will take you as regular or irregular user.

Cookies – majorily use cookies to increase the experience of user. All information or cookies are places by the user’s browser (chrome,internet explorer or mozilla) on the storage device(like harddrive for record-keeping purpose and at any time track information about them. Otherwise when user clear the cookies user my still uses our site.

Sharing of users information –

Our site visitors are very important for us. They believe us and provide the personal information to us at the time of visiting site and by the subscription to site, so we do not share,sell or rent the information of visitor to the any company and organization or any authority. All the information will be secret between you and us.

Third party websites Links –

User may find the advertising on the site which are link to the other sites or our partners. we do not control the content on that websites and our employees are not responsible for that information, these websites have their own privacy policy for using the sites.

Privacy protection act for children below 14 –

Our sites are not directly under 13 age children. we never collect the information of children and strictly protest the use of sites children below 14, if you are the parents of children below 14 and your children has subscribed our sites then you can mail us to remove his/her information.

Changes in privacy policy –

We can change the privacy policy at any time and will inform you about the changing in privacy policy section in your email address. we also encourage you to check the privacy policy page for the latest information of privacy policy.

For Coping Content or Duplicate Content Using Websites-

If You are using our data, Individual Post and Method of writing then You will face a legal notice from our Lawyer, So please don’t copy the Content and methods of writing..